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Look, an iTunes meme!

Meme taken from amazingly_me! I love music memes, so... iTunes meme! \o/

I am going to post random lines from songs that are in my iTunes and you are going to guess those songs. Okee dokee? Okee dokee.

Participation incentive: comment and I will ask you five questions about yourself. You can either repost in your own journal or answer them here. Now let's all cross our fingers that I can think of enough entertaining questions.

1. Rebuild what's gone unsteady
And see it through with newer hands
And what has gone between us
Is a lot, is a lot
And who'll be there to clean us
If you're not, it you're not

2. Don't know what I was looking for when I went home, I found me alone
And sometimes I need someone to say, "You'll be all right. What's on your mind?"

3. Gold teeth and a curse for this town were all in my mouth
Only I don't know how they got out, dear
Turn me back into the pet that I was when we met
I was happier then with no mind set

4. I found life out on the weekdays
When we would drive to some new city
Call me crazy, I was born to make a mess
Would you love me still if I were to confess

5. Santa Maria choose your children
Santa Maria virgin child
All our wars over you we are fighting
And all our time faith justifying

6. We are falling down again tonight
In this world it's hard to get it right
Try to make your heart fit like a glove
What it needs is love, love, love

7. I know where you live, yeah
And I wanna live there, too
I drive by almost every day
It's not even really on my way
When am I gonna get to see you?

8. Didn't anybody tell her?
Didn't anybody see?
Sunday's on the phone to Monday
Tuesday's on the phone to me

9. And where the journey may lead me
Let your prayers be my guide
I cannot stay here, my family, but I'll remember my pride

10. And now I'll stop the storm if it rains
I'll light a path far from here
I'll make your fear melt away
And the world we know disappear

Guess away, my dears!

On another note, I am officially home and have a tasty home-cooked meal in my tummy and am rewatching the Wisconsin-Ohio State game with my mother because I never get to watch home Badger games on TV and, well, that game was incredible.

In conclusion, I AM SO HAPPY. And I'm watching Supernatural once it's done recording so I can fast-forward through the commercials, and then it's back to watching Merlin, which I am officially rather obsessed with. Such cute boys. ♥

Good night, my ducklings, I give you much love! :D
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