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In Which I Ramble About Myself A Bit

First of all, I am still watching copious amounts of Merlin and holy heaven I am in love with Gawain. (And yes, I'm going to spell his name CORRECTLY, thank you very much.) I am also in love with the fact that it's only 13-ish minutes into his intro episode and he has been shirtless for the majority of the time. Om nom. Arthur, you've got yourself some competition.

Secondly, I am officially sick. I have had a weird sort of half-cold since the end of September and now it has fully formed into a coughing, dripping, head-aching beast of a thing which I am very much not enjoying. Sad face.

Thirdly, coldthermistor tagged me in a "ramble about your interests" meme, where she picked seven of my listed interests and I have to write about them a bit, so here they are!

1. Sushi
Mmmm, sushi. The food I could eat every day of the week. I've loved it for years now and am on a quest to make everyone I know try it because raw fish is definitely not disgusting. It is GLORIOUS. So... try it. Yes, you. Go. I will wait.

2. Suits
Mmmm, suits. What any man could wear and I'd probably hit that. Basically, suits = sex. Even just suit jackets, sometimes. I love it when guys dress nice, and damn it, some guys dress niceCase in point. So basically, yes. If you want my pants off, be lookin' sharp.

3. Dresden Files
I LOVE THESE BOOKS. NO SERIOUSLY. I LOVE THEM. The characters are utterly fantastic, there is humor, drama, action, magic, mystery - pretty much anything you could look for in an awesome series. If you have no read them yet, DO SO. While you eat your sushi.

4. Coffee
I bleed coffee. 'Nuff said.

5. Art
I've always been artsy-fartsy, what with my writing and reading and drawing and music. "Art" is a very general way for me to encompass all of those interests. I enjoy classic art, like paintings (da Vinci and Caravaggio own my soul) and sculptures and symphonies and such, as well as the more modern stuff, like films and musicals and TV (What? It's art). I'm basically just a huge artsy-fartsy nerd, and I love it. ♥

6. Traveling
My family used to go on all sorts of vacations around the country and out of it and I've always loved seeing new places and eating new foods and meeting new people. If I had the time and money, I'd love to jet-set around the globe, but alas.

7. Star Wars
These movies are CLASSIC. And then I saw the most recent ones and became sad. Except for Obi-Ewan. I do love me some Obi-Ewan.

So there you have it! A little information about me. If you want to do this meme, just write "GREAT ZOMBIE JESUS" in your comment and I'll pick seven of your interests for you to talk about. :D

Tootles, friends! I'm off to get some sleep and hopefully fight off this cold before the weekend comes because it would be a true tragedy if I had to be sick for Halloween.
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