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Inception Big Bang: Master Post

Title: We found salvation, scratched into the earth like a message.
Author: niftywithan  
Artist: daarl  
Type: Mild Slash, Mostly Gen
Word Count: 17,461
Rating: PG-13
Characters/Pairings: Arthur/Eames, Yusuf, Cobb, and brief appearances by Ariadne and Fischer.
Warnings: Some disturbing war violence/imagery; ambiguous character death.
Summary: The city of Warsaw has been decimated by German troops in the midst of the Second World War. A British soldier - Captain William Eames - is stationed in the ruins, forced to maintain his cover as a soldier of the Wehrmacht in order to complete his mission. During this time, Eames stumbles upon a wounded Jewish pianist hiding in the destroyed city and decides to take him in. The man's name is Arthur. [Pianist AU]

Author's Note: Many thanks to my wonderful artist, daarl, and my loyal beta halcyonmuse. This is my first ever Big Bang challenge and I had a blast writing for it, so I hope everyone enjoys the story! Also, I tried to be as historically/linguistically accurate as possible, so I apologize for any atrocious mistakes.

Link to art master post: The gorgeous fanmix for this story can be found here. Listen to it, it's absolutely fantastic!
Tags: big bang, fanfic, inception
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