July 23rd, 2010


Accidental Discovery - Temeraire Fic

Alas, with the completion of Tongues of Serpents, my plot-bunnies are bouncing and ready for work!

Not much of a spoiler, but we learn Tharkay's first name in the sixth book, and it comes OUT OF FREAKING NOWHERE. Seriously. Ever since, the question of "WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED ON THAT BOAT" has been bothering me, so I've put together this little fic describing how Laurence might have accidentally learned Tharkay's name.

Title: Accidental Discovery
Pairing/Rating: Laurence/Tharkay, PG-13
Summary: "I did not actually mean for it to be a secret ... not really."

No spoilers, but I've cut it just in case. Enjoy!

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Thanks for reading, comment if you like!

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