July 25th, 2010


No Reason [Inception/White Collar Crossover]

 Yep. I caved. I wrote some Inception fic because that movie is SO FREAKIN' FANTABULOUS. SERIOUSLY. If you haven't seen it, DO SO NOW. I will wait.

Anywho, this was written for a very intriguing prompt on [info]inception_kink : an Inception/White Collar crossover. Naturally, I had to do it. HAD TO.

So here it is, and I hope it's enjoyable because a lot of people seem to be excited about this prompt, which makes me super happy but also a little nervous, I must say.

Title: No Reason
Pairing/Rating: Eames/Arthur, hints of Arthur/Neal; PG-13
Summary: There's really no reason for Eames to be jealous.
A/N: I'm just going to state for the record, I really do love Neal Caffrey, guys. I find him absolutely precious. But I don't think Eames would have the same opinion so... yes. Sorry, Neal, I love you!

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