July 29th, 2010


Inception Fics - The Beginnings of Obsession

I just saw Inception for the second time and now I NEED TO WRITE MORE FIC. DAMN YOU, KINK MEME, YOU ARE EATING MY SOUL. *shakes fist*

I don't think I posted about it the first time I saw Inception (was it only a week ago? Good Lord) so all I want to say is THIS IS THE BEST DAMN MOVIE EVER. I love all the characters, the plot is wondrously full of mindfuckery, the effects are spectacular, the concept is incredibly inventive, and SUITS. (Yes, the suits get their own squee.) There is nothing not to love.

And now I'm spending most of my internet time on inception_kink . It's making me doubt what I ever did on the internet before... and also making me write. A lot. So this is officially my first Inception fic-dump. I'll probably end up adding to these the more I write for the meme, and I don't really see an end in sight because people keep posting fun prompts so... yes. Expect more fic-dumps in the future.

Here goes!

Inception/White Collar Crossover
Pairing/Rating: Eames/Arthur, hints of Arthur/Neal; PG-13
Prompt: "Neal and Peter in the Inception verse have to stop Cobb and his crew from extracting valuable government information! (It could even be Peter's mind they are extracting from.) AND: Neal and Arthur already know each other from previous heists AND SHOPPING DATES, and that they are sort of really cool BFFs but haven't seen each other in a while."
A/N: Yes, I filled this prompt, but the better version (aka, the one with all the italics and such that I wanted) is right here on my journal. Read that one, please! It's prettier.

Eames vs. Cobb
Pairing/Rating: hints of Eames/Arthur; PG-13
Prompt: "I basically want Eames and Cobb being all jealous and possessive over Arthur. It doesn't even need porn, I just want ~emotions running high~. And if you make it kinda cracky, all the more to ya!"
A/N: Basically Eames and Cobb have a catfight for Arthur's honor. This one was waaaay too much fun to write.

Protective!Eames, Injured!Arthur
Pairing/Rating: Eames/Arthur if you squint; PG-13
Prompt: "Arthur/Eames. Protective!Eames with injured!Arthur. Bonus points if it's on a mission."
A/N: What is says on the tin, darling.

Pairing/Rating: hints of Cobb/Arthur; PG
Prompt: "Messing up Arthur's hair has become one of the highlights in Cobb's life."
A/N: Pretty much just fluff, but I like to think it's meaningful fluff.

That's all for now, but I'm also working on my own versions of this prompt and this prompt, so keep an eye out for those if you're interested!

Tootles, guys~