August 4th, 2010


Inception Fic: The Boyfriend

For this, I blame aimlesstravels and a quote from one of her wonderful stories. (And, of course, the lovely dysfunctional Inception-team.)

I basically took this idea and ran with it: Arthur ran a complete background check on the poor boy at the first burgeoning signs of attraction between the two: he's five foot nine with blonde hair, green eyes, and low blood pressure; born in Texas and raised Baptist; double majoring in Behavioral Psychology and Criminology. Cobb grudgingly approved.

So thank you, aimlesstravels, both for the idea and the permission to write a fic about it! :D

Title: The Boyfriend
Pairing/Rating: Ariadne/Other, PG
Summary: The boys find out about Ariadne's new love interest; Big Brother Syndrome kicks in.

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Thanks, guys! Comments are, as always, appreciated. <3