August 9th, 2010


Inception Fic: The Dangers of Underestimation

Another fill for inception_kink that I had far too much fun writing. I really, really, love writing the boys as badasses, so there's no way I could have passed up this prompt.

Title: The Dangers of Underestimation
Pairing/Rating: Gen; PG-ish
Prompt: "Someone breaks into Ariadne's dreams, for whatever nefarious reason. Cue five extremely over-protective projections ready to make them regret that decision. (Bonus points if any of the real team shows up to save her, only to find she's already got it sorted.)"
Summary: An extractor learns an important lesson in a rather traumatizing way.
A/N: I tweaked the prompt slightly and only used four over-protective projections because I'm not sure how menacing Yusuf could be, even though I love him dearly. Hope the OP doesn't mind too much.

Enjoy, guys!

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Thanks for reading, guys! (Also, idek about that mood status... it just seemed appropriate for the fic. ;D)
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