August 12th, 2010


Inception Fic: Battleship

The board game series continues!! :D

Welcome to the second brainchild from castor and myself, the first being - of course - the Clue fic found here. Expect a couple more of these in the near future. (I'm thinking LIFE and Candyland, but suggestions are always welcome.)

So without any further ado, please enjoy the silliness!

Title: Battleship
Pairing/Rating: Gen; PG(ish)
Summary: Dream Team Game Night turns epic.

Collapse )

To be continued...? ;D

On another note...

Dear flist,
I am sorely tempted to write the WWII/Pianist AU that someone prompted on inception_bang but I am a little nervous because I've never done one before and it has to be 15,000+ words and I don't have a beta and I need to have a life and sleep and study sometimes... BUT I AM SO TEMPTED, YOU GUYS. Should I do it? And if so, does anyone want to beta? Please let me know! Also, if anyone has done one before and has any advice/help/warnings to offer, I would really appreciate it!

Thanks, guys! <3