August 15th, 2010


Inception Fic and Some Rambling

Hola, friends! I wrote a fill for this prompt about a week ago and forgot to post it to my journal, so here it is. One of the last fills I will write anonymously because I am going to be brave and de-anon myself on the kink meme. HUZZAH!

Title: 5 Signs
Pairing/Rating: Arthur/Cobb partnership; PG
Summary: Five glimpses into the relationship between the world's best extractor and his point man.

Collapse )

Also, the fourth prompt post for inception_kink just opened up and it already has OVER 1000 COMMENTS?!? Good Lord, fandom, please slow down! I will never catch up! ;A;

On another note, have finally finished all 3 episodes of BBC's "Sherlock" and LOVED IT. But damn that cliffhanger! The new series had better come out soon or I will go mad. MAD, I TELL YOU. And I've already rambled about all the reasons I love the show (if you're curious or want to join me in flailing you can find that entry here, even though it only covers the first episode), but whatevs. The show is utterly brilliant.

Now I need to go write, as I am for some reason still filling prompts on the meme even though I was planning to concentrate only mostly on my big bang from this point on. Inception fandom, you have successfully devoured my life. Le sigh.

Umm. I think that's it for now. Later, darlings! ~<3