August 24th, 2010


New Apartment, White Collar & Inception Fic

I am almost all moved into my new apartment, and I am EXHAUSTED. The only thing I'm missing is a desk (my father ran out of time to build it - apparently it's really complicated) and a bookshelf. Oh, and all of my books. I MISS MY BOOKS. ;3;

I might post pictures of the place once I'm all settled and everything is pretty and decorated.

And now I'm watching White Collar and YAY, PETER AND ELIZABETH ARE BACK TOGETHER. And it's precious how much Peter and Neal care about each other, seriously. I can't get over it. And the two-fingered point! I'm going to start doing that, just so I seem important. Woo! \o/

Also, why hello, Matt Bomer's ass! And thank you, cameraman, for that magnificent shot. (Sorry, I'm commenting as I watch.) MOZZIE HAS AN ORIENTAL GARDEN. AND HE CALLS ELIZABETH MRS. SUIT AND IS WORRIED ABOUT HIS CHI AND MAKES LAME PUNS. And then his date night with El... ADORBS. SUCH LOOOVE.

I need to write a continuation of that White Collar/Inception fic I wrote a while back. Or just write some White Collar fic. Either way, writing needs to happen because I love this show so freaking much.

On another note, I have a fluffy inception_kink prompt fill to post here, so sorry for those of you who got linked here and had to put up with my ranting.

Title: Comfortable
Pairing/Rating: platonic!Eames/Arthur/Ariadne; PG
Prompt: Their first time sleeping together in a long time, cute cuddling ensues

Collapse )

I need to change now. My apartment is cold and I need a sweatshirt. Hope you enjoyed the fic and White Collar rant! Leave a comment if you like. :D

So long, friends! ~