August 26th, 2010


Inception and Nutella

I just saw Inception for the fourth time with the lovely castor and in honor of that, I present you with a silly little Inception fic! 

This is dedicated to my dear friend, theforger8807 , for her awesome brain and the fact that she calls me the Arthur to her Eames, which - after some text message exchanges about the delectable pastries she was eating last night and my lack of said pastries - led to us giggling over the image of Arthur wallowing and eating Nutella and then spilling some on himself.

Hence, this fluff. Enjoy! \o/

Title: Besmirched
Pairing: Arthur/Eames bromance; PG
Summary: Arthur is caught being sloppy; Eames is rather gleeful.

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Now I'm off to write some more, because the fourth viewing of Inception made my plot bunnies happy.

So long, ducklings! Leave a comment if you like. ♥