September 10th, 2010


Inception Fic + 3rd Rock From the Sun

In the past two days, I have basically watched an entire season and a half of 3rd Rock From the Sun. I AM SO OBSESSED WITH THIS SHOW, YOU GUYS. I forgot how great it was. And it doesn't hurt that JGL is absolutely adorable, even if I do want to attack his hair with garden shears.

Also it is starting to ebb into my real life. I had some utterly horrid reading to do for a class last night and I rewarded myself for reading five of the driest pages of prose I have ever come across in my entire life with an episode of 3RFtS. This happened at least four times. Thus I read approximately 20 pages of shit in about two hours. WHAT THE HELL, ME.

Oh well.

Somehow I found time to write a fill for inception_kink in between homework and 3RFtS so I'm going to post it here before I go to bed.

Pairing/Rating: Gen; PG
Prompt: Each member of the team's reactions when they realize they can no longer dream.
Note: I did not include Yusuf, because I'm not entirely sure he's had enough dream-sharing experience to lose the ability to dream.

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Going to sleep now, ducklings. Later~