September 18th, 2010


In which I am boring and post one little Inception fill.

Ugh. My life is boring, you guys. I'm not writing as much and therefore don't have as many fics to post and I don't think any of you want to hear about all the crap I have to read for school. (But if you do, I'd be more than happy to rant? :D)

Also I think I might be getting sick. And I'm very tempted to go across the hall and bitch at the guys currently having a freaking kegger and screaming and blasting their music at top volume. I've already yelled at them once before for slamming into my door so hard one of my pictures almost fell off the wall and I don't even care if I am officially dubbed the cranky old lady of this floor. I WAS NOT AMUSED.

Anyway. I wrote a fill for inception_kink tonight. It turned out slashier than I thought it would, so fair warning there if that's not your cup of tea. Otherwise, enjoy! :D

Title: Breathe
Pairing/Rating: Arthur/Eames; PG-ish
Prompt: Arthur, poisoned somehow (surprise me,) stops breathing. MOUTH TO MOUTH, please, we all love Eames beautiful lips but there's also not a lot of Leo love as there used to be when he was younger! And looooooots of lovely h/c afterwards...

Collapse )

So long, ducklings! Let's hope I have more interesting things to say later! ♥