November 26th, 2010


Food Coma + War Miniseries

Lord, I love Thanksgiving. I am still in a food coma from my two meals (That's right, TWO. Our family is hardcore and we eat the big meal at noon-ish and another around five or six. Om nom.) and rolling around in the happiness that is leftover pumpkin pie.

Mmmmm pie.

On another note, my uncle has decided to let me borrow his Band of Brothers DVDs! I am super psyched. On that note, I need to watch more Generation Kill and should probably see The Pacific because these are all things I have told myself I was going to look into months ago and I have yet to do so. So, yes. Starting with Band of Brothers. Will see where it goes from there.

Other than that, I have very little news. I love being home. I hate having to do homework whilst being home. I want to finish my Big Bang because I can't write any other fics without feeling like I'm cheating on it. I need to go shopping for London. It is very cold out. Drinking black and tans with my family is awesome.

... And that's about it.