January 20th, 2011


Please mind the gap between the train and the platform.

Just a quick post to announce my arrival back into the States! (on Sunday.)

Basically, my trip to London was fantastic! We went to the theatre almost every night and saw some magnificent plays ("War Horse" was my personal favorite, but there were many great ones) and I toured around and took lots of pictures and drank good wine and ate good food. It was utterly glorious.

But now I'm back in the snow and have to go to class and do homework again. Boooo.

At least White Collar is back, and I have "Sherlock" on DVD to amuse me, and I'm also borrowing "The Tudors" from a friend. Hopefully all of that - as well as some fic writing to ease me back into fandom - will get me through this whole "school" thing.

So... anything new and exciting happen during my three week absence, darling flist? Let me know how you're doing! :D