February 5th, 2011

Huggity Hug?

Merlin Fic: Improvement


In celebration, I have decided to start writing fic again (after I finished my short story for my creative writing class, of course, which I'm kind of weirdly in love with) and this popped out.

Nothing much to say about this, except WHY HELLO, OT3, I WILL PROBABLY WRITE MORE FOR YOU SOON. ♥

Title: Improvement
Rating: PG
Characters/Pairing: Merlin, Arthur, Gawain.
Warnings: None, except for my shameless use of the correct spelling of Gawain's name.
Summary: After almost two years of being consistently the best swordsman in Camelot, Arthur is noticeably improving. Merlin wants to know why. (pre-Season 3 Finale)

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That's all for now. But I'm determined to start writing more, and that includes the Supernatural/Dresden Files crossover, some more Temeraire fic, and possibly some more Inception since I haven't written any since my big bang.

On a completely different note, SUPER BOWL TOMORROW, WOO HOO. GO PACK GOOOO. \o/

This is my official anthem for the next two days.

"I'm a cheesehead, ya'll niggas CheezWhiz." <-- BEST. LYRIC. EVERRR. LIL WAYNE, I LOVE YOU. ♥

On a completely different different note, I have been watching the Tudors lately and Henry Cavill is SEX. That is all.