March 8th, 2011


Batfic: Too Big

I... I wrote more Batfic. *headdesk*

I COULD NOT RESIST. I've been immersing myself in DCU fandom lately and I've stumbled upon tons of awesomeness (seriously, how is there so much awesomeness?) that has kicked my plot bunnies into action, so VOILA. FIC TIME. I've also doodled some stuff, but that can wait until later.

So here's some wee!Dick fic for you. Enjoy! :D

- - -

Title: Too Big
Characters/Pairings: wee!Dick, Bruce
Rating: PG
Summary: Dick has nightmares and is forced to face one of his greatest fears: bothering his new guardian in the middle of the night.
Note: This is rather early on in Dick's life at the Manor, so he doesn't know that Bruce is Batman just yet.

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And now it is bed time! *waves*