March 24th, 2011


Reminder and Robins

Hey, guys!

Just a quick reminder that I'm offering two fics for help_japan and so far I only have one bid, so if anyone wants a fic from me, please request at my thread before Saturday March 31! Thanks!

On a completely different note, I've been doodling Robins in pretty much all of my lectures lately. Damian, mostly, but Tim and Jason have popped up, as well. They're just so fun to draw! All those costumes and capes and dynamic poses. SUCH FUN.

I might clean the sketches up and upload some if I find the time. I figure this LJ should feature more than just fic and rants, darn it. Thus: I WILL TRY TO ART. \o/

I really don't have anything all that ground-breaking to say, so instead I'll leave you with a wonderfully accurate portrayal of my life for the past few weeks:


Ah, Sheldon. You understand me. ♥

Tootles, all!