April 11th, 2011


Why yes, I am a complete nerd.

I made a Batfamily on the Sims. Or at least, a partial Batfamily. As in Bruce and Dick and Tim. I was going to make a bigger one, but Jason is in jail and I couldn't make a Damian I liked because the kids are too damn giggly and then I just got lazy because I had been in Create-A-Sim for almost an hour because I'm basically ridiculous and felt the need to color-coordinate everyone's outfits to match their costumes. *headdesk*


I keep bursting into giggle fits while playing because these boys are so ridiculous.

First of all there's the utter adorableness of Tim always wanting to play games with Bruce. And then they play catch and Bruce throws the ball too hard and Tim complains. And then Bruce (all on his own, I swear I didn't meddle!) randomly decided he wanted to kiss Dick and now they're in love and banging. Oh, and Tim is on the Honor Roll. And Dick is so freaking happy, he sometimes just breaks into laughter and starts clapping.

And then there are the specific moments that are just so perfect, like when Dick and Bruce were making out in the hallway while Tim fixed the toilet, and then after Tim fixed the toilet Bruce walked over to it and let out this Superboy-ish yell of rage. BECAUSE NOTHING IS GOOD ENOUGH FOR BRUCE, TIM. FIX IT AGAIN.

Also, Bruce burns absolutely everything he cooks. It's kind of precious how much he needs an Alfred. ♥

I might end up taking some screencaps if they keep being adorbs, but I just needed to ramble a little about my lovely SimBats.