June 8th, 2011

Bats & Supes

DCU Fic: Stripes

Yes, that's right, I wrote more fic. Isn't it amazing how productive I can be when I have nothing better to do? WOO SUMMER. \o/

This was written in response to this prompt from the 5th Anniversary/Birthday Celebration going on over at worlds_finest. It was supposed to be short and silly and, well... it got away from me, as fics often do. And even though there is a part of me that still can't believe I wrote this, there is another larger part that is honestly rather pleased with it, so... I REGRET NOTHING.

It's also my first Supes/Bats story, and that alone made it super fun to write, so I hope you enjoy reading it! Thanks, guys! :D

- - -

Title: Stripes
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: ~3000 (Yes, that's right. I'm still not sure how that happened.)
Characters/Pairings: Clark/Bruce, Dick, Tim, Alfred.
Prompt: From makeitrednblack : Bruce gets cat ears and a tail, what other cat aspects does he have? (he purrs, he likes sleeping in the sun, gets high off of catnip?)
Summary: In which Bruce has a problem, Clark can't stop staring, and it becomes increasingly difficult to tell just who is seducing whom.

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And now I'm off to enjoy my stormy night! The sirens are going off and everything. This is exciting. :)