July 23rd, 2011


Batfic: Progress

Hello, all! I've been writing all day and finally finished the Jason-centric fic I promised after the poor baby never showed up for Father's Day.

Not much else to say... except that this is the sequel to my other Jason-centric fic, Futures, which you may want to read first in order to fully understand this story, but it's not entirely necessary.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy! :D

Title: Progress
Rating: PG-13, for some strong language.
Word Count: ~2700
Characters: Jason Todd, Dick Grayson, Bruce Wayne.
Summary: Memories on a rooftop lead to some surprising revelations and unwelcome changes, but Jason Todd isn't entirely sure he minds. [Jason's POV]
Notes: Largely inspired by this amazing artwork by Kaciart on Tumblr!

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And that's all, folks! Hope you enjoyed, thanks for reading!