September 12th, 2011


Batfic: Missed

So I've been working on and off on my superbat_bb and... well, I needed to write something else. So I sat down, put on some music, and started writing.

Somehow, fluffy smut came out. I am utterly baffled. First of all, because fluffy smut seems like an oxymoron. Second of all, because I have long been out of practice writing smut. But apparently Dick decided he wanted to pounce on the Batman and have some sexytimes, so I let him.

Anyhoodle, enjoy my first foray into the world of Batsmut! XD

- - -

Title: Missed
Rating: R
Characters: Bruce/Dick
Word Count: ~970
Summary: Bruce has been off-planet on a super-secret JLA mission for four weeks, and Dick is more than ready to have him back.

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Ah, well. I'm off to write real things now. Later, lovelies! ♥

PS: If anyone is wondering where my Master List went, I took it down because I tried adding this story to the Batfic section and the formatting kept getting all fucked up and I was about four seconds from shooting someone in the face. Like myself. So... yes. My apologies! I will try to get another list up sometime when my head is not about to explode.