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Still a complete nerd.

Hey, remember this post?

Well, I played my SimBats again last night, so I am officially still a complete nerd. But now I'm a complete nerd with screencaps because I am utterly ridiculous! \o/

First of all, here are the boys - Bruce, Dick, and Tim - all staring dramatically into the mid-distance.

Bruce Dick Tim

I've already been playing for a little while, so the boys are pretty established in their relationships and such. For example, Bruce is filling the "good daddy" role for Tim.

He helps him with homework during their powwows in the front hall... (You have an entire house at your disposal, guys, but sure. Sit in the front hall like hobos. That's perfect.)

... and they play catch outside! And now that Tim's athletic skills have improved a bit he doesn't complain as much when Bruce whips the ball at him like a meanie.

Officer Grayson
Meanwhile, Bruce is being seduced by an officer of the law... (Om nom nom, Officer Grayson hits so many of my kinks.)

... so they end up going on a date. As you can see by the swirling little hearts above their heads and the smoochin', the date went well. ;D

While they were out, Tim did extra credit because he is a good little honor student.

He is also the only member of the family who can cook. Dick and Bruce burn absolutely everything.

Also, the Robins have their own training time. And apparently Tim wants to learn.... guitar? Strange. Ah, well.

And that's all for now! Because I have to do some writing and reading and real life stuff, gosh darnnit.

Enjoy my nerdiness! :D
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