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GPOY and BB Update

This describes pretty accurately how I feel after my incredibly stressful week:

ily couch

AND. AND. I have officially reached 8,760 words on my superbat_bb, which is 260 words over the minimum I had to reach by October 1. Which means I AM OFFICIALLY KIND OF BARELY AHEAD OF SCHEDULE, YOU GUYS. YAAAAY. :D

I am also looking for a beta. Any takers...?

Oh, and I watched the premiere of Supernatural with my friend and was... torn. No super spoilers, but my thoughts can be summed up as follows:

1) Dean, you are kind of an ass.
2) Sam, you are kind of a sweetheart.
3) Poor Cas.
4) Death, I love you and your classy pickle-chip eating self.
5) Crowley, please always be scruffy and drunk and precious.
6) Bobby, I love you, too. Always.

Okay, nothing more to say. Sleepytimes now. And then more writing! Oy.
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